• Dactylcam Pro
  • Rhythm
  • Ethos
  • Pulse

Dactylcam Pro

Engineered and designed for broadcast and feature film productions needing higher capacity payloads, redundant safety features and an intuitive digital platform for any application.


The RHYTHM autonomous track system is a digitally programmable track for precise moves in nearly any orientation. RHYTHM provides an all inclusive system that's quick and easy to install while offering features to satisfy nearly any production application.


ETHOS is a smart stabilized head with an integrated display for configuring any setting instantly. A slip-ring sending and receiving video, power and data while continuously rotating 360 degrees all powered with custom motors and software for accurate stabilization in any orientation.


The PULSE controller is the beating heart of our systems and wirelessly controls all functions. The Joystick is a high performance Hall Effect directional joystick for precision control which provides forward and reverse for Dactylcam and Rhythm and pan / tilt for Ethos.

A New Perspective

A new ecosystem of camera movement by engineering a seamless integration with all products working together for a smart and simple platform providing cinematographers the perfect tool to move cameras in the most interesting ways.