Announcing Pre-Orders for DEFY G5 Gimbal

Who doesn’t love their DSLR… and more importantly who doesn’t love it when you get silky smooth footage that took you three minutes to set up and nailed it in the first take?  The DEFY G5 is an amazingly easy, robust, and affordable handheld stabilizer allowing indy to pro filmmakers to stabilize camera movements in mere minutes.

With the optional joystick thumb control for single operator pan/ tilt or the external controller for second person operation of pan/tilt, the G5 is the perfect solution for tight quarters, run and gun filming or setting the perfect scene.

Our recent launch of the DEFY G2 gimbal was a great success! Today we are especially excited because we are announcing the release of the highly requested DEFY G5 gimbal, with pre-orders opening Tuesday, July 30th. Like the DEFY G2, the G5 is a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizing gimbal system, but is capable of handling camera and lens arrangements with a combined weight of up to 5 pounds. This includes popular cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark ii and iii, Nikon's D800, and the Sony a99. Priced at $3200 US, the DEFY G5 is an affordable stabilizer for independent filmmakers to professional users. The kit includes the G5, pelican case, batteries for up to 4 hours of run time and a charging station.

Visit us on our Facebook site at to keep up with daily updates. Make sure to read the Press Release for more details and information. Footage will be coming soon as filmmakers from around the country are filming to share some incredible results!

So grab your G5 and start shooting.  Remember, our team has your back.