A Letter from Drew Janes, Founder of DEFY

IBC Update -  We here at DEFY have been blown away by the support, encouragement, and drive that our customers give us each and every day.  We talk in our office about how our customers cheer us on and root for us it keeps us going, as we continue to work seven days a week!  The emails, phone calls, videos and letters keep us grinding away; and for that, we are more than appreciative!  It keeps us rooted to why we began DEFY in the first place… to solve the problem we faced of getting extremely stable footage in a mobile, affordable, and lightweight design that can go anywhere with us. As a film production company, everything we build is tested in actual filming environments. We know if our products work for us, we can be confident they will do the same for our customers.

Design Upgrades and New Features for DEFY G2 - The G2 has proven to be the “little guy that packs a punch” on our productions.  It pairs perfectly with the new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and we have been falling in love with it all over again now that these two devices can finally be together!  We have been shipping to our customers and have seen their work and love the results we are seeing.  Many can’t wait to put it to the test and we’re finding out what fits best for each person and situation.  This has allowed us to make a few minor tweaks to help make the G2 stronger and more efficient on set.  We have some updated features on the G2, many of which will allow us to get back on track with shipping starting on September 20th.  For users who already received units, contact our office as we will quickly make the changes for you and get them back in your hands as soon as possible.  Here are a few of those changes:

  1. New top plate assembly (anti-vibration mounts) have been removed due to a change to the top axis arm allowing for easier balance. The anti-vibration mounts will still be an accessory for multi-rotor users to mount on top assembly.

  2. New sliding top axis arm allows for a better, faster balance when switching from lightweight cameras to a heavier camera.

  3. Longer side-arm allows for better fit and balance for the Panasonic GH3 with larger lens.   This also increases the space within the gimbal for more movement.

  4. Voltage regulator built into the casing, which blinks a small led light when the batteries get low.  This allows the user to monitor the batteries much easier to reduce low voltage damage to the battery.

  5. Coated carbon fiber rods will allow for the handle assembly to slide on the 15mm rails more easily.

Interview at IBC - Another great advancement is the DEFY G5, which we shared at IBC Expo in Amsterdam this week.  Once again, we met some absolutely amazing people and so many of our customers were there and able to get their hands on the G5 and G2.  We showed off the new design, which has many upgrades from what customers expected, that adds to the stability, strength and ease of use. We were supporting a total weight of 6.2 lbs for the duration of the show and carried a 5D with 24mm Cine Lens; as well as accessories like Redrock Micro Microremote wireless follow focus and finger wheel, Atomos Ninja 2 recorder and monitor, Paralinx HD Transmitter and SmallHD AC7 Monitor for the focus puller. See the interview from News Shooter about the DEFY G5 here: http://vimeo.com/74625131

From the comments we gather from customers, they were pleasantly surprised by the functionality of the G5; which was completely controlled by a single operator thanks to our new Throttle Pan/Tilt Controller on the operators right thumb, pulling focus on the left thumb, as well as two speed mode selections allowing for butter smooth pans with a nice feather to stay away from a dead stop. Many pro camera operators and DP from around the world got to take a test spin and provide feedback, which we listened to and took to heart.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 11.06.03 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 11.05.46 AM

Design Upgrades and New Features for DEFY G5 - The changes we made to the G5 were those we felt were extremely necessary to get the results we wanted in difficult shooting situations.  Our goals are to always produce the absolute highest quality parts, to provide great folks for customer service, and a price point that everyone can afford. With this, we have a NO COMPROMISE mentality; and that is, and will be our approach to the G5. We are all filmmakers; and we want to deliver the G5 as a pristine, handheld stabilizer that supports our fellow cinematographers in a way we know it should perform.  The changes may have delayed our desired shipping dates, however we think you will agree it’s worth the wait.   Our extremely talented team of 15 doesn’t take this lightly and we are dedicated to working around the clock to meet our goals.  The new ship date has been moved to the first week of November to accommodate the needed changes.  The changes to the G5 are as follows:

  1. Re-designed locking top handle with ¼ and 3/8 holes allowing to act as a cheeseplate for more mounting options.

  2. Easy adjustment rear roll adjustment plate.

  3. Changes to the locking dovetail quick release, allowing faster camera adjustments for easy balancing.

  4. Longer and stronger vertical camera adjustments to better balance a Canon C100.

  5. More efficient motors and stronger joints allowing us to push the limit to 6 lbs.

  6. Voltage indicator flashes a small LED light notifying the operator to change the batteries. This results in preventing low voltage damage to the battery.

  7. Larger Pelican case with custom cut foam to accommodate more accessories.

  8. Top arm slide adjustment allows for better balancing to reduce swing weight.

  9. Larger thumbscrew tube clamps to hold without slipping under an extremely full load.

  10. Bluetooth wireless connection installed for easier parameter tuning via software.

Pre-Orders Close September 25th - Our final announcement is that we will be closing our pre-orders on September 25th and will move into full production pricing, which means the previously discounted pricing will end.  For those who made a purchase in the beginning, we thank you and congratulate you… just don’t rub it in for those who were late to the party!  The price increase is necessary, as we will be adding many more features, worldwide dealerships and support. Our goals remain the same; to deliver an extremely strong handheld stabilizer with easy adjustability, excellent customer service from a team experienced in the film industry, yet all at a price point everyone can afford!  The new pricing starts on September 26th and will be the following:

DEFY G2 Retail:  $2600 U.S.
DEFY G5 Retail:  $3800 U.S.

Once again, we appreciate each and every one of you. We are dedicated to supporting you while on production with your DEFY.  We are just as excited as many of you are to get it and will be working diligently to deliver.  We would love to connect with you at anytime with questions via email at defy@relentless.tv or phone at 855-968-3339.   #DEFYwithus; @defyproducts

Drew Janes
Founder / Producer