Recently the DEFY Team got a visit from the guys at Dactylcam!

We were able to get out of the office for a minute to go film with the G2 on a GoRig line. It was awesome to put the two devices together, running the Dactylcam line through trees with the G2 attached produced some great visuals. Setup for the GoRig was extremely easy, and didn't take much time at all!  Another great convenience was that we were able to control the GoRig running back and forth while panning and tilting the G2 all from one remote with one operator. Combining the DEFY G2 with the Dactylcam GoRig not only proves to be extremely convenient with great film results, but also a very affordable solution for Filmmakers that are using smaller cams like the Black Magic Pocket Cinema, or a Panasonic GH3.

You can see more of the GoRig and Dactylcam's rigs for larger cameras like the RED Epic at

Check out the video!

DEFY G2 with the Dactylcam GoRig from DEFY on Vimeo.

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