A few months back we met up with Erik Bragg to get a DEFY G2 in his hands. Erik is a videographer for Red Bull who contacted us with an amazing idea, to film the Red Bull Skateboard Team in a very unconventional way.  The plan was to film the team shredding in every 9-5'ers dream.. Their own office!! The other part that was different about this shoot is Erik wanted to take a cinematic approach. The question was how to fit through the tight turning narrow hallways of a Downtown Chicago office? That's where DEFY stepped in! With the DEFY G2 Erik could now follow the riders through the entire office quickly tilting and panning in every direction and staying just a few feet away all while holding a smooth stabilized shot!  The DEFY G2 is helping change the world of Action Sports Cinematography.  We want you to #DEFYWithUs #RBDAILYGRIND