If you don’t already know who we are, DEFY is a product manufacturing company dedicated to creating unique and innovative ways of moving a camera to enhance your film and digital media productions. If you are interested in learning more about DEFY, shoot us an email and we would love to connect with you.

In 2013 DEFY was the first U.S. gimbal manufacturer to ship to customers here and around the world. Since then we have created multiple award winning stabilization systems as well as a few industry exclusive accessories that have helped make the gimbal a convenient and beneficial addition on any film set.

We created the G2 (Resource Magazine Best of 2013/2014 & Newsshooter Favorite Things at NAB 2014), G5 (Resource Magazine Best of 2013/2014), and G12 Gimbals (Used by Prominent DP's around the world).



This year we have added the Dactylcam (Flyline System) to our lineup to give you the upper hand when it comes to being able to move in endless ways without the liability of UAV's. The Dactylcam is a valuable tool because of its quick set up time, smooth tracking, and high speed abilities. Here is a BTS look at how we were able to capture some fast action shots for MOTO 6 (The Movie.



The Dactylcam is available for order, now, on our website and is a valuable tool for many productions; from live events, to action sports, or long tracking narrative shots.

2014 has been a very busy and exciting year and it is all leading into a great product lineup for 2015. Some of you may have already heard hints or whispers, or you have called into the shop and someone spilled the beans, but we are releasing the G2x soon! Its a substantial upgrade from our beloved little slugger the G2.



While designing the G2x we had the GH4 and A7s in mind. This new wave of small and affordable cameras with 4K capabilities have made quality production attainable for those with the passion to create.

The G2x is everything you could want from a gimbal with a small footprint. Lightweight and Portable, with multiple modes of operation including an inverted mode to easily get those eye level shots . . . and . . . and the G2x even works as its own stand! No more asking your assistant, or client, or dog to hold it while you balance. Speaking of balance, its easier than ever to get the G2x balanced up and ready to shoot. If you have been holding out for the right gimbal the G2x is the answer to your stabilization prayers. And wait until you see the price! More information will be available very soon!