At DEFY we believe good design informs smart decisions which is why we re-built the G2 from the ground up. Designed to give filmmakers from all genres the ability to have precisely accurate stability all squeezed into a compact, extremely light and powerful gimbal that we are introducing as the DEFY G2X. We have listened to filmmakers for well over a year and built a gimbal that packs a punch yet remains dead simple to use with features like our pre-selected auto tuned modes for different camera weights allowing users to bypass the need for software and calibration. We also removed the need to use a stand by balancing in an inverted, flat-top configuration to go out of the box and filming in as little as three minutes. The auto sensing IMU allows users to choose the orientation of the gimbal (inverted or upright) for better ergonomics and camera positioning allowing users to film for hours. The G2X carries lightweight mirrorless cameras such as an A7s or GH4 and up to a DSLR such as a Canon 5D. All of this provides buttery smooth footage without the bulk of an overly heavy gimbal to carry around. Best of all, the DEFY G2X is completely machined, hand assembled, and tested in our facility located in Phoenix, Arizona.


Created and Crafted by the makers of DEFY for a price of $1995 is proof once again that our products are built for filmmakers by filmmakers.



Watch this video to see how Executive Producer Mark Cowart uses DEFY on set to capture beautiful imagery, and hear his first impressions on filming with the G2x gimbal.