dactylcam pro

Engineered and designed for broadcast and feature film productions needing higher capacity payloads, redundant safety features and an intuitive digital platform for any application.

Safety First

Nothing is more important than safety. The Dactylcam Pro was engineered with Digital Safety Stops, Secondary Safety Pulleys, and ACTIVE Traction Control for applications where safety is a top priority.


A digital readout allows users to see battery voltage, signal strength, end point activation, and many other features that keeps the guess work out of operation. The Dactylcam Pro powers up with a push to start button breathing life into the entire system while initializing.

Built to Carry a Load

Rated for 100lb total capacity and speeds up to 35 MPH, the Dactylcam PRO can handle larger camera packages and accessories. Powered by a custom motor and dual LI-lON batteries, the entire system has over 12 amps in its veins, leaving plenty of power to run multiple accessories through the integrated PTAPS on either side of the frame.

A Swing Over the Plate

A gimbal swing connects to a standard cheesplate - perfect for connecting the ETHOS head or a Mitchel Mount to carry other large heads. It also doubles as a safety mechanism that softens the inertia on fast accelerations.

Designed and Machined to Last

No short cuts were mode when machining the Dactylcam Pro to be the safest and most reliable cablecam on the market. Built from 606 1 Aluminum, every component is designed for strength, durability and tested for a 100lb payload capacity.


The PULSE controller directs the DACTYLCAM PRO while seamlessly integrating for full programming of all functions. The Joystick control is a high performance Hall Effect directional joystick for precision control. Fine-tuning potentiometers for user configuration of ramp profiles and top speed. PULSE is ergonomically designed for hand held or desk mount use.

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