Welcome to the DEFY Dealer page!

Here you will find the dealer agreement terms, pricing, brand assets, product photos, as well as key selling points for DEFY and all DEFY Products. Our brand assets can be used by any dealer to create their own ads. If you do create your own ad, you have to submit it for approval at least two weeks prior to use. Our team will indefinitely be required for approval. Please use the assets below according to the DEFY brand guidelines. Any questions about the DEFY brand can be directed to


Please contact us directly concerning wholesale and retail pricing.


Dealers who purchase a minimum of 10 units are requested to schedule and host a DEFY Workshop. A DEFY product specialist is required for the workshops. The dealer is responsible for all travel arrangements and we ask for an eight week notice before booking the workshop.


(a) At all times while this agreement is in force and after its expiration or termination, [employee name] agrees to refrain from disclosing [company name]’s customer lists, trade secrets, or other confidential material. [Employee name] agrees to take reasonable security measures to prevent accidental disclosure and industrial espionage.

(b) While this agreement is in force, the employee agrees to use [his/her] best efforts to [describe job] and to abide by the nondisclosure and noncompetition terms of this agreement; the employer agrees to compensate the employee as follows: [describe compensation]. After expiration or termination of this agreement, [employee name] agrees not to compete with [company name] for a period of [number] years within a [number] mile radius of [company name and location]. This prohibition will not apply if this agreement is terminated because [company] violated the terms of this agreement.

Competition means owning or working for a business of the following type: [specify type of business employee may not engage in].


Reselling our products you will have to stick to the agreed upon terms. Retail pricing should be honored.

A minimum order of 5 units per Purchase Order is required by dealers.

We ask that a 50% downpayment be placed with Purchase Order, and the remaining 50% due upon delivery.


We are filmmakers first.

Built for Cinematographers, by Cinematographers.

Created And Crafted

Hand tested, hand built

Made and manufactured in the USA

Versatility: DEFY supports the most cameras and adapts to the most accessories

CARE: Customer supported with 1 on 1 video technician / filmmaker

COST: Priced right for any budget and filmmaker


If you have any questions please contact our dealer representative at:

  • 480-686-4515