The PULSE controller is the beating heart of all our systems and seamlessly integrates and programs all functions. The Joystick Control is a high performance Hall Effect directional joystick for precision control.  Fine-tuning potentiometers for user configuration of ramp profiles and top speed. PULSE is ergonomically designed for hand held or desk mount use.  The joystick provides forward and reverse for Dactylcam and Rhythm as well as pan and tilt for Ethos.   


The PULSE offers a multi function display of telemetry feedback including:

  • Battery Level
  • Control Mode
  • Traction Control
  • Endpoint status
  • GPS Tracking
  • Speed
  • Location on line or track
  • Wireless transmission ISM 2.4ghz
  • Range of over 2 miles outdoor line of sight
  • Upgradable for licensed narrowband modem
  • Powered from Sony BPU-30 battery