The RHYTHM autonomous track system is a digitally programmable track for precise moves in nearly any orientation.  Designed with the ETHOS head, the RHYTHM provides an all inclusive system thats quick and easy to install while offering features to satisfy nearly any production application.

RHYTHM is offered in two drive options.  A line drive option has off-board motor and drive box which is propelled by tensioned line for greater torque and performance for inclines, declines or higher payloads.  A direct drive version offers a self-contained carriage for higher speed applications and quicker set up time. 



  • Autonomous track system with programmable movement in any configuration:  Vertical, Suspending, Horizontal Curved and Inclined
  • RHYTHM is completely programmable when paired with ETHOS head for precise camera movement and motion control
  •  Digital Safety Stops allow users to set end-points for safe operation
  • DEFY PULSE controller is provided to configure top speed, acceleration, deceleration and a digital readout for distance traveled, speed, battery level, GPS tracking and location position for programmable moves
  • Controller is upgradable to license band frequency for safe operation in live-event applications
  • Carries payloads up to 100 lbs over 35 mph and powered from either on-board LI-ION battery pack or off-board power supply
  • Standard Mitchel Mount for nearly any head attachment and cheese plates to carry multiple accessories
  • Track is set up using quick connect U-Blocks allowing a 40’ track to set and ready to film in under an hour
  • Track length can be as long or short as needed.  Custom curves and angles are designed and bent for each specification

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